Common Lawn Sprinkler System Parts and What They Do

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Lawn sprinkler systems are a common feature in many residential and commercial properties. They provide a convenient and efficient way to keep lawns, gardens, and other landscapes hydrated and healthy. While a typical lawn sprinkler system may appear simple from the outside, it comprises several key components that work together to deliver water to your yard.

This blog post will take a closer look at some of the most common parts of a lawn sprinkler system and what they do. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to maintain your system or someone considering installing a new one, this information will help you understand how a lawn sprinkler system works and what you can do to keep it functioning properly.


Replacing sprinkler valves can be a very involved process, typically requiring cutting PVC pipes. This repair is generally done by an irrigation professional but can also be done by an average homeowner.

A sprinkler’s backflow preventer is attached to its main water line, ensuring water only flows away from your home’s central water system. The backflow preventer is the component that prevents water from flowing backward into your sprinkler system and watering system.

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are necessary water-delivery devices on lawn sprinkler systems. Sprinkler heads are essential for sprinkler system performance, as they provide water to the sprinkler system’s sprinkler system. Sprinklers rely on water pressure from the sprinkler head to operate.

Water pressure is vital in providing even water distribution and watering the entire area. A faulty sprinkler head can lead to reduced water pressure, resulting in dry patches on your lawn and decreased water efficiency. Cleaning sprinkler heads annually is vital for optimal system performance and water quality.

Backflow Preventer

A sprinkler system’s backflow preventer is necessary to ensure water does not flow back into the sprinkler system and watering system. Backflow preventers are typically located on central water lines near sprinklers, where they release pressure if water flows backward into the sprinkler system.

It’s essential to regularly inspect and clean backflow preventers to ensure the system’s water pressure is maintained. With proper maintenance, your sprinkler system will continue functioning properly and provide consistent water distribution.

Pressure Regulator

When sprinkler repair services are needed, pressure regulators are often one of the parts that get checked. A pressure regulator is a device used to regulate water pressure in sprinkler systems. It is a vital part of the sprinkler system as it controls water flow between the sprinkler head and the irrigation system.

Common problems with sprinkler systems include low water pressure, broken sprinkler heads, broken wires, and valves not opening or closing. It is essential to check that the pressure regulator is working properly before attempting any sprinkler repair.


A sprinkler system can be programmed with timers to optimize the watering schedule. The timer is an essential part of a sprinkler system, ensuring water is used efficiently. This includes checking and programming the timers to set a watering schedule.

If sprinklers are missing or broken, it’s essential to check and re-program the sprinkler timer to ensure water is used efficiently and not wasted. A sprinkler repair irrigation system provides the correct amount of water and the right time, with timers helping to optimize the results.


Shut off the water supply and disconnect the power to replace a sprinkler solenoid. It would be best to turn the sprinkler head to the ‘off’ position. You can do this on the sprinkler head or by using the lever on the side of the sprinkler head. Once you have turned it off, you need to remove the sprinkler head from the system. This can be done by removing two screws or bolts that hold it in place.

Once you have removed it, you can access and replace the faulty solenoid by turning it counterclockwise. When replacing a sprinkler solenoid, use a similar value instead of trying to repair a broken sprinkler solenoid with an electrical repair kit. Connecting these two wires is also essential.

Control Box

When sprinkler system repair involves replacing valves, it is vital to check for any signs of damage. You should inspect the valves for cracks or rips and ensure they are correctly operating. Many sprinkler repair kits don’t include separate valve sets, so you may need to cut the PVC pipes leading up to the valves.

When inspecting the sprinkler system control box, you should look for malfunctions, such as flashing lights or an error code. These can indicate a potential problem with the sprinkler system and help you resolve any issues quickly. A control box repair is usually a simple task that anyone can do with basic plumbing skills.


Sprinkler repair services include fitting repair and replacement and programming sprinkler system timer installations and repairs. The sprinkler repair market is growing rapidly. A broken sprinkler fit or pipe replacement can be part of a routine sprinkler system maintenance visit.

When properly maintained sprinkler systems, parts last for several years with minimal repair. Broken sprinkler fittings and pipes can be replaced with new parts to restore optimal sprinkler performance and save money in the long run. This includes replacing broken wires or solenoids.


A sprinkler repair kit may include only some of the parts you need to repair a sprinkler system. In these cases, you may need to purchase replacement pipes. Always use the correct size pipe for your sprinkler system and ensure it fits properly into the fittings on your sprinkler system and water valve.

Moreover, sprinkler repair can include replacing damaged sprinkler heads, cleaning and inspecting sprinkler system piping, and addressing low water pressure issues. With proper sprinkler repair and maintenance, you can keep your system running smoothly and avoid expensive repairs down the line.


An essential part of sprinkler system repair is fixing or replacing filters. Sprinkler systems use water to cool buildings, and the filter should be cleaned and inspected yearly to ensure proper performance. Filters can also become clogged with debris over time, leading to low water pressure in the system.

When sprinkler repair involves replacing a damaged or dirty filter, it’s essential to order the correct replacement filter for your specific sprinkler system model. A replacement filter can cost as much as $30, so it’s necessary to order the right one.


In conclusion, sprinkler repair involves replacing broken sprinkler fittings and pipes, cleaning and inspecting system piping, and fixing or replacing filters. By doing these repairs regularly, you can keep your system running smoothly and avoid expensive repairs in the future. At Waco Lawn Sprinkler, we can help you to repair your lawn sprinkler system in Waco, Texas. Our experienced sprinkler repair technicians are here to help you with everything from fixing low water pressure issues to replacing sprinkler heads. Contact us today at (254) 327-1595 for more information!

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